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  • Combat ready workforce key to survival by

    Creating a “combat ready” workforce is the best strategy for survival in the current economic climate, according to a whitepaper released today

  • Recession an opportunity to partner with CEOs by

    HR leaders need to understand their business from the bottom up and how it competes in the marketplace in order to add value for their CEO, according to a US HR expert

  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast by

    The term “HR strategy” is falling out of favour, as people planning becomes integrated with business planning, according to an HR expert in the UK

  • HR to act as moral guardian in tough times by

    Employee welfare is back on the HR agenda alongside the economic downturn, and HR has a role to play in ensuring that organisations, individual managers and staff are held to account for upholding behaviours that go beyond a simple transactional relationship, according to an HR expert in the UK

  • A tweet too far: Employment laws challenged by

    Recent media reports of employers sacking workers due to posts on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have revealed that employment laws regarding privacy and unfair dismissal are under new pressure in the internet age.

  • Businesses are the bankers in paid maternity leave by

    Businesses will have to act as bankers in administering the Federal Government’s paid parental leave scheme if hidden costs are not ironed out, according to Peter Anderson, CEO, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)

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