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  • Indefinite freezes placed on new hires by

    Almost two thirds of HR managers have put hiring freezes in place as a key measure for managing through the economic downturn, recent research has found

  • Top tips for HR in the downturn by

    HR leaders can play a key role in facilitating the necessary mindset change and the actions that can guide their organisations through the recession, according to a Hewitt report

  • Bonus management failed by a focus on process by

    Many organisations are being let down by their approach to employee performance management at a time when they most need it to work for them, according to Watson Wyatt

  • Corporate wellness essential to organisational performance by

    Organisations that ignore the health of their employees are putting productivity and profits at risk, with research revealing a close link between organisational performance and wellness

  • Salaries: calm after the storm by

    Salaries reached a plateau during the past financial year in an unsurprising contrast to the continual increases of recent years, a recent salary survey has found

  • Go dry for July by HCA

    The Dry July idea is simple: don't drink for the month of July and get people to sponsor you for the feat. Sounds easy, right? After all, it's not every day that you get to raise money for charity by not doing something.

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