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  • Facebook No No’s: Part One by

    1. Don’t add new friends on Facebook when off work sickA Swiss insurance worker was fired in April after surfing Facebook while off work sick.

  • Having a baby and the career you want by HCA

    The Federal Government's May budget outlined a commitment to paid parental leave from January 2011 for those earning less than $150,000 a year. The scheme will pay the federal minimum wage for 18 weeks and will be funded by the government, not business.

  • HR in the spotlight at G20 meeting by

    Bankers’ bonuses and executive pay topped the agenda at the recent G20 meeting of finance ministers in London, potentially challenging many HR and remuneration departments globally to devise new bonus schemes.

  • Fines mount as watchdog catches employers out by

    The fair work watchdog is calling on employees to exercise their rights and ensure they haven’t been underpaid by employers.

  • Subtle digs most hurtful in workplace by

    Workplace bullying is usually subtle, taking the form of silence and isolation, verbal insults, and sarcasm, a recent study has shown.

  • Calls for pay audits as gender pay gap widens by

    The gender pay gap has reached its highest level since the mid 1990s, with women earning on average 17 per cent less than men. In WA female earnings are on average 26 per cent lower than male earnings.

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