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  • 'Upwards bullying' on the rise by HCA

    Office gossip, withholding information, and intentionally missing deadlines are among tactics used to bully one in four Australian bosses, according to a new study.

  • Green power still powerful by HCA

    Businesses that persist with their green agenda during a downturn will be the businesses "best placed to seize competitive advantage when the upturn comes", according to Gary James, tax partner at Grant Thornton Hong Kong.

  • Employers urged to 'tell all' in recruitment by HCA

    Companies with a mind to recruit during the ongoing GFC would be wise to embrace a 'tell all' approach if they want to avoid legal action from disgruntled ex-employees in the future, according to Harmers Workplace Lawyers.

  • Work for less? Most say yes by HCA

    The majority of job applicants to non-profit organisations are willing to take a significant pay cut - up to 30% - to secure jobs they see as ethical, according to a new survey.

  • Facts and Figures by

    72 % of employers increased web 2.0 usage since the downturn began

  • One third of officials “network” at bars by

    Around one-third of government officials in China believe that visiting places such as health spas and karaoke bars is part of their “networking duty”, according to a poll conducted by People’s Daily.

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