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  • Limited pay budgets not used effectively by

    European companies are currently so focused on cutting costs through layoffs, salary and hiring freezes, that they may be setting themselves up for problems in the medium term, according to recent research by Watson Wyatt.

  • Gearing up for climate change by

    While businesses are beginning the journey of adapting to emerging carbon constraints, a recent report has found that there is a lack of understanding about the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) and a worrying surge in regulation associated with greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Workers plan to jump ship post-recession by

    More and more employees are getting ready to jump ship when the recession ends in both the UK and Australia.

  • Large-scale retrenchments over in Asia by

    Almost half of Asian companies plan to reduce staff within the next six months, but large-scale retrenchments are no longer on the agenda.

  • Impact of redundancies biggest business risk by

    Supply chain issues and the impact of redundancies are now the two biggest risks facing business.

  • HR staff take pay cuts to change jobs by

    HR professionals are more likely to expect a pay decrease than an increase if they changed job this year.

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