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  • Testing times for HR by

    The human resources function faces many organisational and financial hurdles, particularly in a gruelling business environment. Hiring and training budgets are being slashed, which makes the attraction and retention of talent challenging at best.

  • Companies will pay for pushing employees too far by

    Companies that played on the insecurities of their employees in order to drive out extra hours and more productivity during the downturn will need to be on guard in the coming months, delegates at the HR Leadership conference in Melbourne were told today.

  • Measure relevance to gain the ergonomic chair by

    Measuring the relevance of each task which every employee undertakes is the best way to build respect within an organisation, Jodi Dickson, the group employment relations manager of Mounties Group said today.

  • Graduates advised to jump on Facebook by

    Prospective graduates should be making the most of social media to get ahead of the pack when it comes to snapping up the pick of graduate places, Michael Specht, founder of HR technology consulting firm Inspecht has told HR Leader

  • Model OH&S legislation ‘flawed’ by

    New model occupational health and safety laws contain some significant flaws, Neil Foster, senior law lecturer at the University of Newcastle, told HR Leader.

  • Shocking managers may be key to why top workers leave by

    Employers wondering why some of their good employees are leaving should look at the behaviour of their managers, a Deakin University researcher has said.

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