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  • Dog’s intelligence put to the test by

    The smartest dogs in the world are on par with a 2½-year-old, recognising up to 250 words, according to American researcher Stanley Coren.

  • Job seeker a real sign of the times by

    Michael McCullah, a former managing director of a prestigious Japanese firm, never expected job hunting to be such a tough proposition.

  • Strategic workforce planning enables smarter HR decisions by

    Companies have made little progress in the area of strategic workforce planning, despite evidence that it can drastically help a firm decipher how to best invest in their workforce and in which areas to trim back.

  • Stressful times: Legislation will see increases in discrimination claims by HCA

    Stress-related claims by employees have increased over the last decade and may become a greater potential liability for employers as a result of new disability legislation

  • Lawyer cites ‘adverse action’ concerns by

    The recent changes to the Federal Disability Discrimination Act should not be employers’ greatest concern. The impact of the new discrimination law powers of the Fair Work Ombudsman are of more significance, according to Jane Seymour of Justitia Lawyers & Consultants.

  • Adversity breeds engaged workforce: HBOS by

    The employee/employer dynamic changes in times of adversity and can lead to the employee becoming more engaged instead of disengaged, according to the CEO of HBOS, David Smith.

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