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  • Allow managers to “rant” on social media by

    Innovative social media tools, such as discussion boards on which managers can “rant” about a certain topic or development within an organisation can be an effective communication tool, an expert on organisational communication has advised.

  • Go home on time tomorrow by

    It is time for employers to repay employees the $72 billion in overtime they owe them by allowing workers to go home at 5pm tomorrow, 25 November.

  • Internal communications vital to retention by

    Companies with highly effective internal communication programs are better placed to keep employees engaged and retain key talent, according to a new survey by Watson Wyatt

  • Watch the first post-recession movers by

    Companies can learn to be more prepared for the expected upturn in 2010 if they keep a close eye on the trends of the first post-recession movers.

  • Mature-aged workers excluded from retention initiatives by

    Supporting mature workers and working parents in the workplace is imperative for company success according to Gareth Bennett, HR director at law firm, Freehills.

  • 10 handy tips for wise emailing by

    Encourage people to walk around the office. Face to face is always better than knife to back

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