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  • Government could learn from corporates on retention issues by

    It’s comforting to know that even the Prime Minister has staff retention issues to deal with.

  • Queensland Health payroll debacle rumbles on by

    Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has apologised to health workers affected by a payroll bungle and has pulled out of an overseas trade trip in order to focus on solving the problem.

  • Workplace bullying a major issue for employers by

    Employers must wake up to the fact that workplace bullying is becoming one of the Australia’s major social issues and could be adversely affecting the health of thousands of employees.

  • Icelandic ash causing HR havoc by

    Thousands of Australian workers have been unable to return to work from trips to Europe due to volcanic ash from Iceland causing unprecedented disruption to air travel.

  • US employers penalise unhealthy workers by

    Companies in the US are increasingly penalising workers for unhealthy behaviour, according to a new survey by Hewitt Associates.

  • What keeps CEOs awake at night? by

    The issue mostly likely to keep CEOs awake at night is being able to source skilled staff (52 per cent compared to 41 percent last month), according to research published by Accenture and Business Spectator this month.

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