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  • Recession aftermath skills for managers cited as main priority by

    Nearly seven in 10 HR professionals have identified a “huge need” to ensure managers have the skills to manage the aftermath of the recession.

  • Age discrimination needs addressing by

    The Commissioner for Age Discrimination, Elizabeth Broderick, welcomed the Rudd Government’s recent announcement of an initial $43 million package of measures that give priority to supporting mature age workplace participation and training

  • Keep burnout at bay by

    Employers have been advised to urge workers not to work while on holidays to avoid burnout for the new year.

  • Companies struggle to find true leaders by

    Almost one half of organisations are not effective in finding and developing leaders, which identifies some critical challenges for employers if they are to take advantage of the economic recovery, a recent study has revealed.

  • Employee exodus expected in February by

    A mass exodus of employees is expected in early 2010 as 95 per cent of employees report that they are looking for work.

  • Change managers are HR’s most wanted by

    Change managers, and learning and development and OH&S professionals have emerged as the three roles in HR that are most in demand.

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