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  • High Court makes landmark WHS ruling on injury to contractors’ workers by Stephanie Zillman

    The chain of responsibility has long been a central tenet of workplace health and safety law, and a landmark High Court ruling has now further clarified the circumstances under which employers can ‘contract-out’ their duty.

  • Voluntary pay audits gain momentum by Stephanie Zillman

    An employer of 30,000 is the latest to join a growing list of companies engaging in voluntary pay audits to ensure all employees are being paid properly.

  • Surge of older women re-entering the workforce by Stephanie Zillman

    Women in their 50s and early 60s fear they cannot afford to retire and are surging back into the workforce. But how will this affect their engagement?

  • HR central to fostering ethical workplaces by Stephanie Zillman

    Does HR have a role to play in ensuring ethical standards?

  • Coalition to keep FWA by Stephanie Zillman

    The Coalition has vowed not to dismantle Fair Work Australia should it win the next election, despite the barrage of attacks it has launched against the workplace watchdog.

  • No tightening of labour market just yet by Stephanie Zillman

    A dip in Australia’s employment expectations over the next three months reflects the ‘wait and see’ approach to headcount that many organisations are taking.

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