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  • Surf’s up at National HR Summit by

    The HR Summit team is pleased to announce surfing great Layne Beachley will be chairing the National HR Summit on 28 March 2012.

  • Ensure no surprises come Sunday: Voluntary wage audits may be for you by

    While state workplace regulators enforce random compulsory wage audits to ensure employers comply with the minimum award requirements, many organisations are now voluntarily submitting to wage audits through the use of contractors to ensure they are in full compliance with pay requirements.

  • Grad recruitment at careers fairs, worth it? by

    Careers fairs are a traditional catch-all recruitment strategy, and organisers say hosting a booth is an ideal way to meet a large group of potential candidates and is beneficial for both large and small-scale organisations – but what is the return on investment for HR?

  • IR laws swing in favour of management as Victorian nurses defy federal orders by

    Unprecedented nurse walkouts in Victoria have coincided with an announcement by the New South Wales government that fines for defying orders from the Industrial Relations Commission will increase from $10,000 to $100,000 for the first day of an offence.

  • HR manager embezzled $600k by

    A British former HR manager for a Dubai-based company has been charged and faces serious jail time in the UAE after allegedly embezzling the equivalent of $631,000 while in his post, a court heard this week.

  • Returning mums offered on-site childcare by

    A Melbourne company has proven just how far it is willing to go when it comes to retaining returning parents in their workforce – it built its own $5m on-site childcare centre.

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