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  • Crowds are Australia’s future by

    A new trend is taking corporate Australia by storm, and is tipped to become a central problem-solving strategy in the future of business and society.

  • Confronting film shown to senior leaders by

    Senior leaders and elite business men and women were confronted by the highly acclaimed US documentary and feature film, MissRepresentation, which premiered at Sydney University yesterday.

  • Employment dip forecasted by senior economists by

    Leading Australian economists have forecasted the unemployment rate will rise to 5.25 (up from 5.2% in October), reflecting the uncertainty felt about the world economy by Australian employers.

  • Untaken leave a burden for all by

    The latest government figures have revealed that Australian workers have amassed 129 million days of annual leave, worth $40bn in wages – a timely reminder for employers to encourage employees to redeem their accumulated annual leave.

  • Metrics the key for social media recruitment: Expert by

    Despite the hype surrounding social media and its uses for recruitment, many organisations are falling short of the mark by not understanding the different components of social media campaigning.

  • Best practice: promote health and wellbeing initiatives by

    Effective management of corporate wellness remains lacking in Australian organisations, according to workplace psychology experts.

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