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  • Invest in getting payroll right, or risk catastrophe by

    It’s never been a particularly attractive profession and business constraints, tighter budgets and a lack of new blood coming into the area have all contributed to the scaling back of payroll as both a business focus and occupational speciality.

  • Coles vs FWO: HR must monitor contractors or risk court action by

    The importance of performing due diligence on contractors has been highlighted by the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) taking court action against Coles over an alleged $143,000 underpayment of trolley collectors in Adelaide.

  • Sexual equality: Get serious or face the consequences by

    A new Bill has been tabled in the House of Representatives which aims to strengthen the compliance and enforcement powers of the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA).

  • First day on the job key to long-term retention by

    If the first day for a new employee entering your organisation consists of being shown to a desk and handed a 500-page company manual to read, you are sending a clear message you don’t care about keeping them. The induction or orientation process for a new employee, or onboarding in HR terms, is key to ensuring their success and retention in the role.

  • Fitness = productivity, so how do you make it happen? by Human Capital

    Healthy body, healthy mind is getting scientific backing. How can you encourage your staff to embrace the concept?

  • Worker fatigue “epidemic”? by

    New research from a leading university has suggested that Australian workers, especially parents, are suffering from an “unrecognised epidemic” of fatigue and exhaustion.

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