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  • Job security: elusive luxury or necessity? by

    The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has said that the rate of casual employment has doubled over the last 25 years, but other industry bodies have disputed the figure.

  • HC recognises brightest and best in HR by

    The brightest and best in the Australian human resources industry have been named with the release of Human Capital magazine’s annual Who’s Who list.

  • Salary or sleep - what makes us happy? by

    A new study from Cornell University has asked whether people would prefer a highly paid job that demanded very long hours, or better work-life balance but with less pay.

  • When fiction is really fact: Films and HR lessons by

    Perhaps in a sign of the times, recently the silver screen in Australia has seen a spate of films that document the serious and sometimes amusing side of workplaces. Human Capital reveals its 'must watch' list for any HR professional.

  • Possibilities for social media in HR 'endless' by

    The benefits of social media for HR extend beyond recruitment, and according to industry leaders, the possibilities are virtually endless and limited only by HR leaders' resourcefulness.

  • Conflict an integral ingredient in healthy workplaces by

    Organisations that create a culture where it is safe for employees to disagree will enjoy increased ability to reach business goals, according to a conflict and mediation expert.

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