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  • It’s good for business but women shut out of senior management by HCA

    It’s may be a classic case of the emperor having no clothes, but even that isn’t stopping Australian CEO’s saying no to women.

  • Is your CEO on the nose? Expect huge losses by Stephanie Zillman

    New research has revealed startling statistics – having questionable leaders at the helm of your organisation could be putting off investors to the tune of millions.

  • Nominations coming in strong for Australian HR Awards by HCA

    If you have not yet submitted your nominations for the 2012 Australian HR Awards, it’s time to get organised. Already many individuals and organisations have submitted nominations in recognition of outstanding achievements over the past year.

  • Planned cuts to WorkCover by HCA

    Under proposed changes to WorkCover entitlements in NSW, the state government is planning a massive overhaul of workers' compensation entitlements in response to a multi-billion dollar blowout in WorkCover claims.

  • Men from Mars, women from Venus when job hunting by HCA

    When it comes to job hunting, there are still major differences between what matters to men and what’s important to women – do you know what your potential candidates are looking for?

  • Campaign against casual work intensifies by HCA

    The business community has clashed with the union movement this week, as a new ACTU report calls for the expansion of legislation to force employers to take on casuals permanently.

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