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  • Get your WHS policy up to scratch by Human Capital

    The first company to be convicted and fined for recklessly endangering a worker in Victoria has lost its sentence appeal and has been fined $750,000.

  • Female leadership systematically underestimated by Human Capital

    Contrary to popular belief and even previous studies, researchers have discovered women may actually outperform in areas traditionally considered to be the domain of men.

  • Redundancy landscape a new ballgame by

    Employment law experts are issuing a warning to employers considering redundancy layoffs in the wake of new economic uncertainty; you cannot simply ‘rinse and repeat’ old processes.

  • Preference for candidates with deeper voice by Human Capital

    New research has shown that voters consistently choose political candidates with a deeper voice, whether male or female – could the same be true in HR processes such as hiring and promoting?

  • Supersaver ending soon for HR Summit Perth and Melbourne by

    There is only one week left to claim the supersaver discount rate on registrations for the upcoming HR Summit events in Perth and Melbourne.

  • Retention of the forgotten folk: middle managers by HRM

    Despite the key role played by middle management, sky-high attrition rates mean it’s time to take a closer look at engaging talent in this leadership group.

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