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  • Health, education and engineering sectors set to suffer by

    Health, education and engineering are the three major employment sectors to be hit by skills shortages over the next 10 to 15 years, according to a new skills index.

  • New Visa sponsorship deal welcomed by employers by HCA

    Significant changes have been made to the 457 Visa program, and the resources industry has said the revisions will means increased efficiencies in the way skilled migrants are sponsored.

  • Workers question wages by

    Wages, working conditions and entitlement enquiries were the main reasons people called the Fair Work Infoline for assistance throughout the 2010/11 financial year.

  • Thorough contingency plans needed for GFC2 by HCA

    Simply trying to “just survive” during the economic downturn is not going to cut it during 2012, and a leading business turnaround consultant has warned businesses must take the uncertain conditions as an opportunity to stand out from the competition.

  • Demand for executive expertise slumps by

    Demand for the skills of executives has fallen to its lowest level in eight years, as employers are forced to reevaluate their workforce requirements in light of falling economic confidence, according to figures released in a new job index.

  • Maximise benefits of conflict resolution by

    A recent study has revealed that 98% of HR leaders are charged with handling conflict at work, and business environments with heightened instances of conflict experience greater turnover, increased sick leave and absenteeism, unproductive use of valuable time and increased legal costs.

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