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  • Australian CEO’s flee the top job by Stephanie Zillman

    The length of tenure of newly appointed Australian CEO’s is far below the international average and a worrying trend for HR directors to grapple with.

  • Criminals welcome, but not long-term unemployed by Caitlin Nobes

    Would you rather hire someone with a criminal record, or a history of unemployment? It seems the latter scares HR more.

  • Can you trust LinkedIn profiles? by Elizabeth Barnard

    Despite having become one of the most popular online platforms for professional networking – a whopping 83% of Aussie employers don’t trust the info people provide on their profiles.

  • Cost of skilled migrant visas set to rise by Stephanie Zillman

    Treasurer Wayne Swan has announced the cost of skilled migrant visas will rise, amid a raft of visa fee increases.

  • Employer fined $13k for pregnancy discrimination by Stephanie Zillman

    The federal court in Perth has handed down a $13k fine as a lesson to employers: discrimination against pregnant employees will not be dealt with lightly by the courts.

  • Are careless staff costing you millions? by Trevor Treharne

    Employees must be educated on the value of sensitive corporate information, or they could unwittingly end up leaking materials that are worth millions to your organisation.

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