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  • How to nab the best grads: Competing in the war for talent by

    New research has revealed that while Australia and New Zealand are the among the highest users of unstructured interviews – and perceive them to be quite effective – this process is next to useless in selecting best-fit graduates.

  • Counter offers: Are they worth it? by

    While employers like Facebook, Google and Twitter regularly attempt to outbid competitors by offering million-dollar carrots to retain staff, making a counter offer may not be worth it according to new research.

  • Employment expectations remain positive in spite of volatility by

    Despite international market volatility, Australian organisations intend to increase permanent headcount over the course of the next three months, according to new data released today.

  • Performance reviews: Scrap them? by

    After performance-reviewing the performance review, some more innovative organisations have decided to do away with the process altogether.

  • White-collar drug testing on the rise by

    The long boozy lunch may be a thing of the past for employees in some white-collar industries as many Australian businesses, including law firms, IT companies and medical clinics, introduce workplace drug testing.

  • Fair Work Act reviews: have your voice heard by

    Employer groups are urging organisations to make submissions and complete online surveys about modern awards and wages as part of the upcoming series of reviews conducted by Fair Work Australia which are touted to involve significant changes to the Fair Work Act.

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