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  • Attracting young talent: Big $ not enough by

    A new study has found young professionals are seeking inspirational work environments that accommodate social media, device freedom and remote work options – and they’re prepared to take a lower salary to get it.

  • Too much work and not enough money by Iain Hopkins

    New survey results have shown employees are increasingly stressed, and regularly lose sleep over their workload and money-related concerns.

  • Receive applications via SMS by HCA

    The future of advertising job roles and receiving applications is set to undergo a major transformation as tech companies seek to transform the recruitment process.

  • Prepare for backlash by

    Heading home for the day no longer means the work is done – and industry experts have voiced their concerns that technology isn’t liberating workers through flexibility, but trapping them in a 24-hour work cycle.

  • One in four workers are depressed by HCA

    According to new research, one in four employees worldwide (23% of all respondents) identifies with five or more of the key factors in depression, as outlined by the World Health Organisation.

  • HR in the driver’s seat of change by HCA

    HR professionals are better equipped than ever to shape the businesses they work in, despite the monumental economic and leadership challenges they face, according to opinions shared at an annual HR conference and exhibition held in the UK.

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