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  • HR in 2012: Forum warns employers to adapt or be left behind by Stephanie Zillman

    A panel of industry experts in Sydney yesterday warned that Australia is entering the ‘new world of work’ and as yet, the challenges are not being met by the majority of organisations.

  • Australian jobs growth flat, bolstered by Asia by Iain Hopkins

    Australian jobs growth is currently sitting at -1%, but the Asia-Pacific region as a whole has experienced jobs growth of 23%, according to the latest jobs index of finance sector jobs.

  • AGL streamlines recruitment by HCA

    One of the largest gas and electricity retailers, AGL, has cut loose more than 70 recruitment agencies it formally used for hiring, in favour of a streamlined, single partnership with Futurestep Australia.

  • Employers not priming employees for future success by

    A new report has indicated that 58% of Australian employees don't believe employers have groomed them for future success, by providing additional skills training and career development opportunities.

  • Employers rely on overseas talent by Iain Hopkins

    New research has revealed that more than one third of Australian employers are forced to look abroad to the UK, India and South Africa to fill key positions.

  • Register now for HR Summit 2012 by

    Registrations are now open for the 10th annual HR Summit 2012.

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