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  • Succession planning rated top concern by

    Succession planning and strengthening the leadership pipeline are the top talent concerns for corporate executives throughout the Asia-Pacific-Asia region, according to a new study.

  • Older workers discriminated against, worried about super by

    A new survey has found that older workers are more likely to experience some form of discrimination at work, including being made redundant before others, fewer training and development opportunities, inflexibility towards health and physical needs, and even verbal abuse.

  • Engagement on your agenda? Have your say and win! by

    RedBalloon has partnered with Shirlaws for the second annual Engagement Capability Survey. Now they are looking for HR professionals and business leaders to have their say.

  • Larger waistline, lower pay check; facial flaws not countenanced by

    Research has revealed that higher numbers on the bathroom scalesresult in lower numbers on the pay check, and unconscious bias can mean candidates with facial flaws don’t even get a look in.

  • Proposed labour agreement ‘good news’ for recruiters by

    Employers and industry stakeholders have been invited to comment on a new draft labour agreement for the tourism and hospitality industry which aims to attract skilled workers from overseas.

  • The resume is not dead, it's just evolving by HCA

    Despite the growth of social networking and the increasing use of LinkedIn and similar sites on which candidates can get their name out, the resume is not dead; it’s being adapted, according to leading recruiters.

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