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  • Time to revisit on-site childcare facilities? by Iain Hopkins

    The political hot potato of childcare costs has been raised again – but some employers are taking matters into their own hands.

  • Engaged employees not so engaged after all by

    Roughly half of all seemingly engaged employees like what they do but are unhappy with their employer, according to new research.

  • Spotlight on counter-productive workplace behaviours by Miriam Bell

    Most Australian employees have displayed at least one type of ‘counter-productive workplace behaviour’, according to new organisational psychology research.

  • Employers falling short on redundancies by

    With more staff cuts being announced every day as private and public sector organisations alike act to stem costs in the face of economic uncertainty, a leading workplace relations lawyer has warned employers to be careful when letting staff go.

  • Dismissal for health reasons ruled unlawful by Miriam Bell

    Dismissing an employee for health reasons could lead to legal trouble – so it’s a good idea to exercise compassion and good sense when dealing with an ill or injured employee.

  • Professionals still braving global job market by Human Capital

    Two separate surveys have painted divergent views of Australia in terms of worker appeal – it’s popular for overseas workers, if they can afford it, but many Aussies still want out.

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