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  • Coping with skills shortages by

    HR managers will have one major hurdle to overcome in 2012, experts warn: coping with the increasing skills shortage in a noticeably shallower talent pool.

  • HR tools that should go mobile by

    With smartphones and tablets now hardwired with enough power and performance to act as mini laptops on the go, the question is no longer a matter of if HR should capitalise on this medium to better support the workforce, but how.

  • Shift focus to quality, not quantity by

    In recent years, economic instability both offshore and closer to home has forced businesses to trim budgets and cut costs however possible. HR managers have often felt the biggest impacts of these decisions, as in the wake of the GFC, redundancies, downsizing and pay freezes became the norm.

  • Managers urged to get personal by

    Managers are being urged to get to know their staff better, or they risk losing their best and brightest talent in 2012.

  • Skilled volunteering a win-win by

    Skilled volunteering is the latest trend to sweep corporate Australia, with benefits that filter through every level of the organisation.

  • Lockdown on employee email access by

    In a move that bucks the trend of smartphone-induced 24-hour employee connectivity, German carmaker Volkswagen has agreed to deactivate emails on staff smartphone devices out of office hours, to give them a genuine break from work.

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