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  • Government announces overhaul of anti-discrimination laws by Stephanie Zillman

    The Federal Government has announced an overhaul of anti-discrimination laws, including shifting the burden of proof to the defendant once a prima facie case has been established.

  • Unlikely reinstatement for Beauty and the Geek contestant by Stephanie Zillman

    In a bizarre set of circumstances, the Bureau of Meteorology has been ordered to reinstate a worker who took sick leave to appear on a reality TV program.

  • Pinteresting news for recruiters by Rose Sneyd

    Pinterest is now the third most popular social media network, behind Facebook and Tumblr – are Aussie businesses leveraging Pinterest for recruitment?

  • Confidential information policies not up to scratch by Iain Hopkins

    Employers have been so concerned about limiting access to social media during work hours that they may have dropped the ball when it comes to something far more serious happening under their noses: the leakage of confidential information in the digital age.

  • Drug testing staff? Doubts over test efficiency by Stephanie Zillman

    Workplace drug testing is inefficient and can lead to workers simply changing drugs or avoiding reporting incidents, according to a new national report.

  • Pressure to do more with less taking over by Stephanie Zillman

    HR leaders are under increasing pressure to boost productivity by getting more out of staff – but with finite time and resources, is this a case of the emperor without his clothes?

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