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  • Legal hot water in giving a bad reference by Elizabeth Barnard

    It’s an HR no-brainer: if an employee was dismissed for poor performance, any subsequent references provided by the organisation should reflect this. Yet legally, it’s not that simple.

  • HR keeps older workers on the books by Elizabeth Barnard

    New figures released from the Treasury today indicate that a new trend is underway in the employment of older workers.

  • Latest union stoush leaves business scared stiff by Stephanie Zillman

    Violent scuffles with police, union paraphernalia likened to gang colours, and a disregard for Supreme Court orders – the latest union clash has business leaders scared stiff. What does HR need to know about unions?

  • Novelty aprons leave senior execs facing disciplinary action by Stephanie Zillman

    This is one gag that may have been more at home at a buck’s party than a company business meeting. How can HR up-the-ante and stamp out inappropriate conduct?

  • Dad’s want flexible work too by Astrid Wilson

    It’s one of the leading HR issues – managing requests for flexible work. Yet, there’s one group who may not have even got a look in. Dads want flexible work options too.

  • Misconceived employment arrangement comes with $450k price tag by Stephanie Zillman

    The spotlight has once again been cast on the distinction between independent contractors and employees, following a $450k payout order by the Federal Court.

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