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  • Welcome breathing space for LAFHA arrangements by Stephanie Zillman

    After leaving employers and foreign workers in months of limbo, the Federal Budget finally confirmed that two years’ breathing space will be afforded to foreign LAFHA recipients.

  • Zero tolerance policies sound good, but are they arbitrary? by HCA

    HR has rightly set the bar high in taking policy measures to stamp out physical, sexual and verbal harassment in workplaces – but often zero tolerance can do more harm than good.

  • HR overlooks applicants with non-western names by Stephanie Zillman

    The Australian Human Rights Commission has said there is a growing trend of immigrants adopting Western names in the hope it will get them hired.

  • Budget highlights for HR professionals by HCA

    It’s Federal Budget time again, and amid all the political agendas, it can be difficult to zero-in on what matters strictly to you. HC breaks it down to bring you the industry-specific budget wrap-up.

  • Doubts that older worker bonus will make a difference by HCA

    Despite persistent skills shortages in vital sectors, employers continue to overlook the capabilities of older Australians and business thought leaders fear the $1,000 bonus won’t be enough to shift engrained hiring practices.

  • LAFHA changes will burden employers with contract renegotiations by

    The changes to living-away-from-home allowance (LAFHA) tax concessions expected in tonight’s Federal Budget will impose a significant cost burden on both business owners and their employees, a leading tax expert has said.

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