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  • Customer-service employees: love ’em or lose ’em by

    The message from a major new report is that if you have staff involved in customer service you better get them engaged and trained up: the alternative could be loss of competitiveness, an increase in your staff turnover rate and even longer-term business failure.

  • Finding skeletons in candidates’ cupboards: new social-media scanning tool launched by

    Ever wished you could trawl the entire web with a single click and find all those unsavoury bits of information on people that would preclude their suitability for a position? Or what about info that could give you a headstart in legal proceedings? The Irish designers of a new software tool to be released later this month say it can do just that.

  • Bullying: Watch for the prodders not the punchers by

    Extreme cases of bullying may make the 6pm news, but the bigger problem in reality is the majority of bullying that happens on a much more subtle level. And the bad news for HR is that it’s much harder to detect, act upon and eradicate.

  • Landmark decision means employers must implement pay increase for 150,000 workers by

    Fair Work Australia (FWA) announced yesterday that private-sector employers in the social and community services (SACS) industry will be hit with a wage increase requirement ranging from 19% to 41% to be phased in over the next eight years via the industry modern award.

  • Induction Part II: Horses for courses by

    A common shortcoming of many induction or ‘on-boarding’ programs is a failure by HR to adequately tailor the process to meet the needs of the wide variety of circumstances from which new candidates have come.

  • Recruitment of international graduates on the rise by

    Employer demand for international graduates in 2011 increased to levels not seen since before the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, according to a new report.

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