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  • Stand-up desks: fad or future? by HCA

    The stand-up desk may conjure up imagery of funky offices in Silicon Valley, where people skateboard to their meetings, wheat-grass shot in hand. Yet this in one office trend with grounding in science.

  • Half your staff don’t know HR policies by HCA

    Despite onboarding initiatives and continuous communication, less than 50% of workers say they know what their HR guidelines are.

  • All’s not fair in text messages and employment contracts by Stephanie Zillman

    The decision of the former Health Services Union national president to quit via text message earlier this week is a reminder for employers that text message communication in employment contracts isn’t a two-way street.

  • Massive rise in work bullying claims by Stephanie Zillman

    Victim compensation claims for workplace bullying more than trebled over the past four years – it may be high-time to up the ante in workplace investigations.

  • Illegal worker crackdown means raids a possibility by Human Capital

    Under new draft laws, employers will no longer be able to claim they simply didn't know a worker was not in possession of a valid visa.

  • Employer's vicarious liability: unauthorised acts of employees by Stephanie Zillman

    Is an employer liable if an employee hits another employee out of boredom? A decision by the Victorian Court of Appeal highlights this largely uncertain area of law.

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