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  • Flat white price highlights gender pay inequity by Rose Sneyd

    In a tongue-and-cheek case of gender discrimination, men were charged 10% more for coffee at a mobile cart in Wellington this morning.

  • Mitigate risks of the silly season by Stephanie Zillman

    Like it or not, end-of-year Christmas parties are starting, and all too often they are the scene of preventable employee accidents. Can you tick all the boxes on our party planning checklist?

  • Is big business struggling to achieve onboarding productivity? by Astrid Wilson

    A new survey has revealed HR professionals of large businesses are in the midst of a productivity dilemma during new staff onboarding – where is HR falling short?

  • Federal bullying inquiry finds it’s a billion dollar problem by Stephanie Zillman

    Six months in the making, the report by the federal government into the problem of bullying has found it costs Aussie businesses between $6bn and $36bn annually – how do we solve this drain?

  • Public shaming on the rise by Astrid Wilson

    If your company was embroiled in a matter with the Fair Work Ombudsman, would you rather endure a public shaming over a court battle? An increasing number of employers are opting for the former.

  • Christmas and redundancies a volatile mix by Stephanie Zillman

    If you’re about to commence, or in the midst of, rolling out redundancies in order to start 2013 with the right headcount, think again – it can lead to unwanted resignations.

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