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  • High time to stringently examine remuneration and departure clauses by Stephanie Zillman

    Negotiating the fine print in the contracts of senior executives can be a headache for HR as getting it wrong can come at a high price – check out this latest tips list to see if you’ve got your bases covered.

  • Rumours of return to Work Choices persist by Stephanie Zillman

    The ghosts of IR laws past have been dredged up once again following claims by workplace minister Bill Shorten that Tony Abbott would restore elements of the controversial Work Choices laws if in power.

  • Most sickies are legit: new report by Astrid Wilson

    If you raised your eyebrows last time an employee sent through an early morning email or text advising you of an illness, rest assured – they were probably telling the truth.

  • Best practice for handling employee complaints by HCA

    Is that guy from marketing who constantly pops in to complain giving you a headache? Does he take the ‘door is always open’ sentiment too far? Here’s how to respond next time.

  • HR still only a ‘messenger’ of corporate strategy by Astrid Wilson

    HR’s seat at the strategy table continues to be limited, with the latest research identifying a significant misalignment between employee and business objectives.

  • Fly-in fly-out workers depressed by Stephanie Zillman

    A leading authority on depression has said that efforts need to be bolstered in supporting the mental health of workers in the mining and resources industry.

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