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  • Non-standard rewards schemes Part I: Bonus annual leave on birthdays by

    If your organisation provides a cake for employee birthdays, you may think you’ve got your bases covered … but think again. The new trend is to offer employees their birthday off as bonus annual leave.

  • Good managers experience fewer ‘sickies’ by

    Employees who have a good relationship with their manager are far less likely to take a day off when they aren’t sick new research has found.

  • HR on the red carpet: Film studio seeks HR business partner by

    There comes a time when one makes the decision on what to study at university – and most would say going down the path of HR management doesn’t generally conjure up dreams of working alongside the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

  • Increase in promotions without pay rise by

    A new report has indicated that many senior HR directors are handing out promotions but not offering a salary increase to match – and it’s putting retention of top performers at risk.

  • Employers face stiff fines over illegal workers by

    Following a recent spate of immigration raids, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has renewed its warning to employers that significant fines exist for those employers found to have employed illegal workers.

  • Internal fraud on the rise by

    Australian organisations have been advised to take action to reduce the risk of internal fraud, as new research reveals that a growing number of economic crimes are inside jobs.

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