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  • Lying at work more common than at home by Astrid Wilson

    Do you ever catch yourself telling a few porkies at the office? But wouldn’t dare lying in your day-to-day personal life? You’re not alone.

  • HR professionals the unhappiest by Stephanie Zillman

    HR workers are among the unhappiest employees in the UK, according to a new index measuring happiness and career progression. Are Aussie HR pros just as miserable?

  • Bullying culture rife, public servants say by Stephanie Zillman

    A ‘warts and all’ look into the NSW public sector has uncovered a culture rife with bullying – so what, or who is to blame?

  • Exit interviews, still front and centre? by Rose Sneyd

    Are outgoing employees advocates for your company, or bitter and twisted, spraying bad publicity to all who will listen? Even after an employment relationships end badly, exit interviews can go towards ending on a high note.

  • Time suck: managers lose quarter of day to coaching poor workers by Caitlin Nobes,Miriam Bell

    Poorly performing workers take up more than a quarter of managers’ time. Are poor hiring decisions to blame?

  • New Fair Work Handbook for employers by HCA

    The Fair Work Ombudsman has published a new handbook to assist employers better understand the Fair Work legislation and their obligations under workplace laws.

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