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  • Most sickies are legit: new report by Astrid Wilson

    If you raised your eyebrows last time an employee sent through an early morning email or text advising you of an illness, rest assured – they were probably telling the truth.

  • Best practice for handling employee complaints by HCA

    Is that guy from marketing who constantly pops in to complain giving you a headache? Does he take the ‘door is always open’ sentiment too far? Here’s how to respond next time.

  • HR still only a ‘messenger’ of corporate strategy by Astrid Wilson

    HR’s seat at the strategy table continues to be limited, with the latest research identifying a significant misalignment between employee and business objectives.

  • Fly-in fly-out workers depressed by Stephanie Zillman

    A leading authority on depression has said that efforts need to be bolstered in supporting the mental health of workers in the mining and resources industry.

  • Coffee-break scuffle, employer pays compo by Elizabeth Barnard

    A decision by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has shone the spotlight on the scope of employer liability in cases of employees being injured on coffee breaks.

  • Social media: HR’s role in monitoring the reputational risks by Patrice Thomson,Stephanie Zillman

    As the business world plays catch-up, countless organisations have suffered social media disasters and severe brand-damage as a result – have you got all bases covered?

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