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  • Fairfax flags voluntary redundancies by Stephanie Zillman

    As news of redundancies and major restructuring grips the newspaper publishing industry, the voluntary vs forced redundancy debate has been cast back into the spotlight.

  • Flexible work bill chucked out by Elizabeth Barnard

    A bill which would have extended the rights of workers with caring obligations to request additional flexibility has been thrown out by both sides of politics.

  • Redundancy misfire: Communicating to the survivors by HCA

    Amid widespread redundancies, for the ‘survivors’ of the action there needs to be strategies and measures in place to restore the workplace back to its previous state, or at least a state of optimum productivity and engagement.

  • Tips for a successful battle plan by Astrid Wilson

    So you’ve made it onto the executive team – be warned, for some HR professionals the battle for resources and budget allocations are far from over.

  • Employers urge workers to say when on last drinks by Stephanie Zillman

    A new free online tool launched this week is aimed at making employees more aware of the impacts excessive drinking can have on their working life.

  • Conflicting interests: when employees are legally obligated to whistleblow by HCA

    Handling workplace misconduct can be an uphill battle; survey findings show just six in 10 workers would report witnessing an incident of misconduct.

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