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  • Dispute resolution: Not a gender issue by HCA

    Although recent events leave its future uncertain, Gillard’s inquiry into gender discrimination at the workplace may have been missing the point anyway, according to an expert.

  • Employment prospects dropping – but good news for HR pros by Cameron Edmond

    Australian organisations remain sceptical about hiring new employees, but there are some positive developments for HR.

  • CEO pay: How much is too much? by HCA

    The CEO of a top-end organisation has taken the lowest salary for their position in years – but it still dwarfs what most Aussies are paid.

  • More evidence of the work-life merge by Rose Sneyd

    “The boundaries of the workplace are expanding and now reach deeper into employees’ lives, especially now that mobile technology is taken for granted.”

  • Outsourcing atrocities rock Australia by HCA

    In the aftermath of a Bangladeshi factory disaster, a number of Australia’s big-brands are in the spotlight over outsourcing to entities providing horrendous working conditions to workers.

  • Background checks and the law by HCA

    Following a recent near-miss for a major financial organisation, HC investigates the laws surrounding background checking.

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