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  • Key Media launches Mortgage Professional America by HCA

    Look out for the relaunch issue of Mortgage Professional America (MPA), which will be hitting desks soon. The new and improved MPA has made some significant changes to both the print publication and online that ensures we are the leading business magazine for the professional originator.

  • Workers compensated for contracting cancer by Stephanie Zillman

    A landmark bill has been tabled in Tasmanian parliament which could have widespread implications for workplaces around Australia.

  • US executives see telecommuting as an avenue to career stagnation by HRM

    Given all the hoo-hah about Yahoo’s new ban from working at home, it may come as as surprise that most execs see telecommuting as an avenue to career stagnation.

  • A new approach to mobility, or not? by Rose Sneyd

    Just as you were getting used to the BYOD phenomenon, a new approach to mobility has reared its head: COPE.

  • The secret desires of IT workers revealed by Stephanie Zillman

    They’re the notoriously quiet worker bees in the corner. Or perhaps on another level all together. What do IT workers really want? The answer may surprise you.

  • Pick potential over performance every time by Stephanie Zillman

    Are you being dazzled by results in the ‘here and now’, instead of looking at longer term leadership potential? It’s not always the shining starts who have the most potential.

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