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  • Popular perks to drive retention by HCA

    What’s the one perk that could encourage your staff to stick around? You might be surprised at what counts.

  • HR and business leaders – the disconnect by Rose Sneyd

    A new study from the CIPD highlights the importance of demonstrating and communicating the HR function’s ROI.

  • Last day to catch the early bird by HCA

    You only have today to claim the Early Bird discount on registrations for the National HR Summit 2013.

  • Fair Work hones in on unpaid work schemes by Stephanie Zillman

    The Fair Work Ombudsman today announced a new focus on educating employers and employees about the legitimacy of schemes for unpaid work experience.

  • Smartphones are injuring your staff by HRM

    Staff with smartphones work up to two extra hours a day – but before you hand them out to every man and his dog, it may not be good news for your company.

  • Buy workers a bicycle by HCA

    Employers in and around the CBD may have a new opportunity on their hands – save on cab charge fares, and promote healthier, greener workplaces.

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