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  • Equal pay day highlights gender pay gap still alive and kicking by Stephanie Zillman

    The average woman is still not being paid the same as the average man, according to the latest figures – how can HR play a role in improving pay equity?

  • Legal hot water in giving a bad reference by Elizabeth Barnard

    It’s an HR no-brainer: if an employee was dismissed for poor performance, any subsequent references provided by the organisation should reflect this. Yet legally, it’s not that simple.

  • HR keeps older workers on the books by Elizabeth Barnard

    New figures released from the Treasury today indicate that a new trend is underway in the employment of older workers.

  • Latest union stoush leaves business scared stiff by Stephanie Zillman

    Violent scuffles with police, union paraphernalia likened to gang colours, and a disregard for Supreme Court orders – the latest union clash has business leaders scared stiff. What does HR need to know about unions?

  • Novelty aprons leave senior execs facing disciplinary action by Stephanie Zillman

    This is one gag that may have been more at home at a buck’s party than a company business meeting. How can HR up-the-ante and stamp out inappropriate conduct?

  • Dad’s want flexible work too by Astrid Wilson

    It’s one of the leading HR issues – managing requests for flexible work. Yet, there’s one group who may not have even got a look in. Dads want flexible work options too.

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