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  • Reduction in workplace deaths, but more to be done by Stephanie Zillman

    Australian workplaces have experienced an overall reduction in workplace fatalities, yet according to new report there were still 169 fatalities at work in 2010-11.

  • The Fair Work Act and personal liability considerations for HR by Miriam Bell

    Experts are warning that the personal liability provisions under the Fair Work Act are so broad that HR could be held accountable for breaches of the legislation.

  • Are you thinking six steps ahead? by Caitlin Nobes

    Like a chess player or pool pro, HR should be thinking strategically six steps ahead to make sure they’re set up to achieve the long term goals.

  • Asians willing to fill the gap in Australia by Human Capital

    Workers from Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines want to visit Australia on working visas, yet are being prevented from entering by a "Hansonite view of the world", according to a tourism industry leader.

  • Leadership pipelines set to run dry: Study by

    Australian businesses are headed toward a leadership time bomb as the pipeline of future leaders dwindles, according to a global leadership study.

  • Fair Work issues hard-line warning to employers by Stephanie Zillman

    The office of the Fair Work Ombudsman has released a definitive response to a number of reports of employers attempting to attend medical appointments with employees.

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