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  • Drug-test refusal heard by FWC by

    Having a clear company policy over drug testing in the workplace is key, as a recent case involving an employee who refused to take one, and was subsequently sacked, shows.

  • Could teleworking save your company money? by Cameron Edmond

    The topic of teleworking may be on the lips of every press outlet recently, but with good reason. Most Australians want to work from home, and are even willing to negotiate pay, a new study shows.

  • Influence over control: The new employer branding by Cameron Edmond

    You might not be able to control your employer brand any more, but you can learn to influence it, experts say.

  • The future of HR: What you need to know by

    Everyone knows that there are some key capabilities that HR professionals need to be across to be effective and successful. These capabilities include the ability to influence, manage relationships, think critically and commercially, and demonstrate resilience.

  • Weighing up the costs of parental leave schemes by Cameron Edmond

    As the election looms ever closer, paid parental leave schemes are put under the spotlight.

  • What makes an ideal leader? by Cameron Edmond

    Australian employees have got a clear idea about what they value in leaders, and it might not be what you think.

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