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  • Do politics and work mix? by Stephanie Zillman

    New research has revealed that employees want their employers to discuss politics at work – but is this one theory doomed to fail?

  • Maximise benefits of conflict resolution by HCA

    The root causes of conflicts at work aren’t all that mysterious – meaning it should be easier for HR to prevent them.

  • Are lazy staff compromising your online security? by HCA

    Data theft is a very real threat in the 21st Century, but a worrying number of employees still use online passwords that are ridiculously easy to hack. What can you do to counter this risk?

  • Chucking a sickie doesn’t hurt careers by Stephanie Zillman

    On the eve of the biggest ‘sickie’ day of the year, Melbourne Cup, a new study has found that ‘chucking a sickie’ will not impact an employee’s career progression.

  • Use career progression as a recruitment carrot by Miriam Bell

    Career progression is a chief motivator, but is it is being properly leveraged as a carrot for both recruitment and retention purposes?

  • Six reasons for dismissing an employee by Miriam Bell

    Sometimes new hires just don’t work out for a company… Here’s a breakdown of the main signs that a new recruit might not be the right fit.

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