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  • Keeping motivated in the summer months by HCA

    It doesn’t take much for enthusiasm to slip once back in the office from the festive break. But how can one stay motivated when the weather is tantalising good outside?

  • Why employees resign by Tammy Buckley

    Failure to deliver on promises is the leading cause of employee resignations according to new research, so what can HR do to stop top talent from walking?

  • Lessons to be learnt from sexual harassment case by HCA

    Employers are being encouraged to take note of lessons learnt from a recent sexual harassment court case to help them better understand the Sex Discrimination Act.

  • Collaborative work spaces: More than just removing partitions by

    When it comes to fostering workplace relations, engagement and productivity there are more steps a company can take then just breaking down the partitions.

  • New Year, new laws by HCA

    As 2014 began new legislation also came into effect. But what changes came into place and what else is expected to unfold in employment law and workplace relations during the year?

  • Overweight leaders elicit negative reactions by

    Are your managers meeting the expectations of their teams? Unfortunately, their waistlines may be the best measurement of that and it may be time to suggest a New Year’s resolution of adopting healthy habits.

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