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  • New Year, new laws by HCA

    As 2014 began new legislation also came into effect. But what changes came into place and what else is expected to unfold in employment law and workplace relations during the year?

  • Overweight leaders elicit negative reactions by

    Are your managers meeting the expectations of their teams? Unfortunately, their waistlines may be the best measurement of that and it may be time to suggest a New Year’s resolution of adopting healthy habits.

  • Why you should hire someone who has been fired by Cameron Edmond

    People make mistakes, and people have bad runs. Should you give someone a second chance?

  • What HR can learn from #HasJustineLandedYet by HCA

    An inappropriate tweet from a PR executive dominated the headlines prior to Christmas and caused social media outrage. But what lessons can be learnt from the fallout.

  • Season’s Greetings from HC! by HCA

    We at HC wish you all a safe and happy holidays!

  • The Top 5 stories of 2013 by Cameron Edmond

    It’s been a big year for HR. We recap the top stories that had everyone clicking this year.

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