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  • Could Work Choices make a comeback? by Cameron Edmond

    As the election enters its final days, new information has raised concerns that the Coalition may harken back to The Howard Government’s Work Choices – is this legitimate concern, or unfounded fear?

  • Is the election impacting productivity? by Cameron Edmond

    With both consumers and businesses heavily impacted by the looming Federal Election, productivity across Australian organisations is dropping.

  • Charity work can improve retention by Stephanie Zillman

    Allow staff paid time off to engage in charity work and you could boost retention and motivation at the same time as positively associating your company with a community cause.

  • Are referees still important? by Cameron Edmond

    Good references were once a game-changer when hiring applicants, but has social media and online recommendations rendered them irrelevant?

  • Organisational acceleration “critical” for Australian businesses by Cameron Edmond

    Australian leaders are demanding revved-up strategies and change initiatives, a study has found.

  • Sick leave costing organisations billions by Cameron Edmond

    The cost of sick leave to organisations is dire, and may be a lot higher than many anticipated, a new study has shown.

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