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  • Can you spot a fake reference? by Stephanie Zillman

    HR has a trained eye for spotting questionable details on resumes – but now some candidates are turning to fake reference services and it may be time to background-check not just the candidates but the referees.

  • The biggest office distraction: people by HCA

    The open plan office is becoming ever more common, but it could also be responsible for a drop in productivity as interruptions become easier and unavoidable.

  • High unemployment calls for tattoo-removal program by HCA

    A US city’s high unemployment rate has seen one clinic offer a new program to give job-seekers a blank slate.

  • Getting creative with employee benefits by Cameron Edmond

    A new study reveals the most innovative benefits employers are offering to combat turnover.

  • Which generation is the hardest working? by Cameron Edmond

    New research has analysed the key differences in generations, and has also found which generation of Australians work the hardest.

  • C-Suite execs say HR struggling to adapt by HCA

    Is HR struggling to cope with the challenges of managing a global, flexible workforce? A new report says yes, and that it’s high-time HR finds new ways to engage workers.

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