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  • The road to strong leadership by

    How strong are the leaders within your organisation? Are they autonomous, or do they need a lot of hands-on help? One expert explores the need to create impactful leaders who make you look good.

  • Psychometric testing: Time for a reality check by Cameron Edmond

    Employers that favour psychometric testing over other recruitment methods may be missing out on some of their top talent, one expert says.

  • Hackers have HR in their sights: Identity theft from resumes by Human Capital

    Whereas once hackers targeted CEOs and other C-suite officers, new research has revealed hackers are spreading their attacks to HR departments because of the low security and high return of sensitive information.

  • Are Facebook posts grounds for termination? by Cameron Edmond

    Found something suspicious on an employee's Facebook page? There's a lot you need to think about before lining up a dismissal.

  • Ageing population calls for new flexible work approach by Cameron Edmond

    As a shift in demographics continues, employers must re-evaluate their approach to flexible working conditions.

  • Is your workplace Fairtrade certified? by Stephanie Zillman

    The amount of tea and coffee consumed in Australian workplaces each year is surely mind boggling – yet as more people come to realise that the vast majority of tea and coffee is sourced from developing economies, there are far reaching consequences to consider.

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