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  • Opinion: Motivation in the workplace by External

    Whether it be money, success, happiness or deadlines, many people have differing views on what motivation is. Learning and development expert Jeff Miller explains how we should view motivation in the workplace.

  • Lighter side: Productivity down? Then pray for rain by Tammy Buckley

    When the mercury rises and the sun beats down work is the last place many employees would choose to be – and their productivity levels reflect that.

  • No cigar for anti-bullying doomsayers by Cameron Edmond

    The FWC has released the first statistics on the new anti-bullying laws’ effects, and it looks like those predicting a storm were wrong – or at least premature.

  • Is outplacement dying? by HCA

    Job cuts spiked in January, with huge layoffs for several retailers. Time will tell whether outplacement was worth the cost for them, but is it really worth it for you?

  • How experimentation can bolster company culture by Cameron Edmond

    Could your company do with a change? Experimentation might do more good than you think.

  • Can’t we all just get along? Embracing diversity in the workplace by Cameron Edmond

    Although traditionally HR has been told to ignore the differences in the workplace and emphasise what makes us the same, becoming a truly multicultural organisation might be the better option, experts say.

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