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  • Does the size of your device matter? by Human Capital

    The size of your device may affect how you approach your next meeting, a study shows.

  • Psychometric testing: how to choose the right test by Sarah Megginson

    Behavioural assessment is often used in the recruitment process of senior staff, but some commonly-used testing tools could be ineffective at predicting future performance. HC investigates.

  • The job interview answer that rules them all… by Sarah Megginson

    Keen to hire a new employee who really thinks outside the box? Try asking them this question.

  • Why HR leaders need to be more argumentative by Sarah Megginson

    HR leaders should be encouraging spirited debate and constructive conflict, according to a leading academic.

  • To Tweet or not to Tweet? by Human Capital

    Whether an employer allows staff to access social media at work or not, may affect a candidate’s decision regarding accepting a job offer with them.

  • Employee happiness – an elusive quest? by Sarah Megginson

    HC looks beyond the traditional HR ‘engagement’ theory to investigate the science behind happiness at work and the limitations of the effect of HR practices on individual employee engagement. The results could surprise you.

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