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  • Minimum wage hike prompts job loss warning by Janie Smith

    The Fair Work Commission’s decision to raise the minimum wage has employers predicting that jobs will have to be cut for businesses to survive.

  • HR careers: Plugging the hole in your CV by Janie Smith

    Climbing the career ladder can be tricky if you find yourself short on desired experience. HC looks at what companies want to see on your CV and how you can get it.

  • Lessons from HR leaders and CEOs by Janie Smith

    Leighton Holdings, Raytheon, Diageo – why are these companies so successful? And how can you apply what they do to your own organisation?

  • Five Minutes With….Belinda Mills, HR manager at iFactory by Human Capital

    Digital agency HR manager Belinda Mills from iFactory talks about HR challenges and why she’d like to have dinner with Enid Blyton.

  • FWC announces changes to minimum wage by Human Capital

    Fair Work Commission president Justice Iain Ross has just announced the new minimum wage for 1.5 million Australian workers.

  • World Cup fever: How to make it work for you by Janie Smith

    It’s time to bring out the green and gold and support the Socceroos in the Fifa World Cup. It’s also the time to deal with tired or absent football fans at work. Here’s how to make the World Cup an HR win.

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