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  • The pros and cons of boomerang employees by Caitlin Nobes

    Basketball superstar LeBron James is a perfect example of a boomerang employee, heading home to Cleveland where he got his career start. HC looks at the issues to consider when rehiring former employees.

  • Lighter side: Shock! Google bans silly interview questions by Janie Smith

    Google was once known for asking job candidates unusual and complicated questions, but it has done away with brain teasers in favour of behavioural interviews. Here’s a look at some of the most bizarre questions put to interviewees.

  • Lighter side: Faucet company penalises staff for bathroom breaks by Janie Smith

    A US company has disciplined workers for “excessive use of the bathroom” and installed a swipe card system to monitor bathroom use.

  • Lighter side: The many ways to be smart by Caitlin Nobes

    It’s easy for HR to get wrapped up in data and numbers, but a school in the UK has a reminder that all employees are valuable.

  • HR leadership: Gender equality starts in your own back yard by Janie Smith

    Australian business still has a long way to go to create gender equality and HR is in a unique position to influence this change. Colleen Harris, EGM people and culture at Federation Centres, says HR leaders should lead the charge by addressing gender equality in their own teams.

  • Square peg in a round hole: Are you in the wrong job? by Janie Smith

    Do you wake up feeling energised, or dreading the work day ahead? Are you in a role where you can be yourself, or do you feel like the “ugly duckling” of the profession? Here’s how to tell if you’re in the right job.

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