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  • Discrimination claims prompt policy rewrite by Human Capital

    A bottling company which is a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Co has agreed to change its hiring policy and pay US$475,000 to settle claims that it discriminated against female job candidates.

  • Dishing the dirt on office germs by Human Capital

    Encouraging employees to wash their hands at work may seem over the top, but a new study shows that infections can spread throughout the workforce in very little time.

  • Employee’s controversial claims create social media furore by Janie Smith

    A comic shop worker who took to social media to complain about language used in the workplace claimed she was fired because of it.

  • Why analytics are HR’s best friend by Janie Smith

    Karen Evans, managing director of NGA.NET, explains how the ability to analyse data can change everything from recruitment strategies to employee engagement.

  • How to rescue a business from the brink of ruin by Sophie Schroder

    Darbys managing partner Simon McCrum explains how honesty, transparency and great employees were the key to resurrecting a dying business.

  • High turnover a thing of the past? by Human Capital

    Contrary to popular belief, staff turnover rates have dropped during the past 15 years according to a new report, with more employees content to stay with employers for longer.

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