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  • HR in the spotlight: Workplace investigation errors by Caitlin Nobes

    Investigations can put the focus on HR, and any mistake could cost your organisation. HC finds out the common serious mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • Blog: Three keys to transforming the performance review by Human Capital

    Are performance reviews doing the trick, or are they an antiquated practice that needs an overhaul? HR professional Benjamin Patient shares his views.

  • Superannuation changes: Are you prepared? by Janie Smith

    The federal government is rolling out the new SuperStream standard from tomorrow, which will change the way in which employers make superannuation contributions.

  • Does medical clearance mean fit for work? by Janie Smith

    An employee who has been seriously injured and away from work for a long period may not be fit to resume a physical role, even if their doctor has given them the all-clear. When can you question a worker’s medical clearance?

  • The downside of financial incentives by Human Capital

    The world’s most successful companies use financial incentives – but what motivational impact do they really have, and can they negatively impact your organisation?

  • Technology overload takes its toll by Caitlin Nobes

    Technology has boosted productivity, improved communication and helped ensure smooth HR processes, but it comes with a cost. What can you do to reduce the effect?

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