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  • Employment law essentials for HR pros by Human Capital

    Need to brush up on the legal side of HR? The Employment Law Masterclass series is returning, featuring speakers, case studies and expert commentaries for senior HR professionals.

  • Blog: How sticky are you? by Angela Atkins

    Angela Atkins of Elephant HR looks at why companies need to create "candidate stickiness" and how they can do so.

  • Why cyber security is HR's business by Janie Smith

    With the increasing datafication of HR comes the greater potential for that data to be stolen or misused. HC looks at how HR can help prevent data breaches.

  • HR policy fails: Punished for being sick by Human Capital

    This international HR blogger has harsh words for a corporate HR manager whose policy is doing more harm than good.

  • Who owns LinkedIn connections? by Janie Smith

    If your employees build up LinkedIn connections with clients and then leave to work for a competitor, do those networks count as trade secrets?

  • Best practice tips for video interviewing by Human Capital

    Video interviewing is becoming the norm when sourcing talent abroad or even in a different city. Eric Wong, head of talent acquisition and development (APAC) at Polycom, shares his top tips for successful video interviews.

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