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  • How to reduce worker injury costs by 50% by Human Capital

    According to a new study, early intervention is instrumental in significantly reducing injury costs and the time that employees spend away from work.

  • Why 79% of businesses have no strategic workforce plan by Janie Smith

    Talent shortages are hitting more than a third of Australian businesses, but research shows that many organisations lack a proper talent development strategy to combat the problem.

  • Not all perks are created equal by Caitlin Nobes

    It turns out that the most talked about perks – from unlimited vacation to company-paid ski trips – are not the most effective. What should HR focus on to attract and retain the right people?

  • Mass communication: Is video the way forward? by Janie Smith

    Communicating important ideas to the entire workforce can be a challenge, especially if they’re already being bombarded by emails. Could video be the answer?

  • Lighter side: Hilarious HR hiring stories by Janie Smith

    As an HR professional, you’ve no doubt had some strange experiences in the interview room. Check out these tales of hijinks and hilarity.

  • Lighter side: Fancy a new job? Become a mermaid by Janie Smith

    Perhaps you’ve always fancied yourself as the Little Mermaid? Or a bridesmaid for hire? We take a look at some of the quirky jobs on the market.

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