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  • Lighter side: Back to work on 101st birthday by Caitlin Nobes

    Employee tenure is one of the best predictors for workplace satisfaction, but how long is too long? One centenarian is still heading to the office every day.

  • Lighter side: Fancy becoming a doctor of chocolate? by Janie Smith

    If you’ve been considering a career change, there are plenty of interesting roles available – everything from being a professional banana ripener to researching chocolate.

  • Going it alone: How to make the move by Caitlin Nobes

    So you’ve decided you want to be a consultant. Now what? Two HR pros who made the leap of faith give HRM their top tips.

  • Books: The new business card? by Human Capital

    With social media becoming a popular platform for sharing information, it can be difficult to be heard amongst the noise. Publisher Blaise van Hecke explains how books are fast becoming an effective alternative.

  • Data profiling: Useful or invasive? by Janie Smith

    Would having access to your employees’ personal data like their social media profiles help with things like engagement and motivation, or would it just be snooping?

  • Flexible work bias…towards men? by Caitlin Nobes

    Is HR more likely to accept men’s reasons for needing to change their regular work hours?

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